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Women's or Men's Purify Facial    $35

This facial is great for everyone. It helps balance the skin, removes impurities  and dirt from the pores. 

Free Cellulite Masking with Body Wrap  $85

Call for a free brochure or if you having any questions about process. 

Dads Enjoy Relaxation Too!

This year, give Dad a gift sure to rejuvenate and relax him! Choose a beautiful Instant Gift Certificate, then email or print right at time of purchase!

Cleo Salon Manicure

This salon manicure includes a warm water hand soak, cuticle work, nail shaping and finish with a Nail Strengthener and your choice of polish color.

Massage to elbow

$20.00 value for only $15.00!

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Cleo Salon Pedicure

Beginning with a warm water soak, you get a massage to the knee with warm scented lotion followed by cuticle work and nail shaping. Special callous eliminator softens and removes callouses and rough skin disappears. Finish with your favorite polish.

Massage to knee

$28.00 value for only $22.00!

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Restful Massage

Calming French Lavender and Calendla oil in this massage helps the body unwind and promotes restfulness. It is effective for easing stress, boosting the immune system and promoting sound sleep. It is ideal for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia, muscle strain and fatigue.

60 minutes

$85.00 value for only $65.00!

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Vitamin Fitness Facial

Revitalizing Vitamins A*C*E* treatment facial from our Protect line relieves skin pollutants,bestowing a renewed luminosity and offers protection against environmental strains.. Includes a Warming Vitamin C Mask and finishes with A*C*E* Protect Moisturizer. Counteracts premature wrinkling. 45 Minutes

Provides the maximum vitality in shortest time.

$50.00 value for only $40.00!

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Full Back

Starting At

$45.00 value for only $35.00!

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Get Gorgeous for Summer

Warmer beachy days are on the way. Come in for one of our signature treatments and be ready for fun in the sun. Purchase your instant gift certificate and book an appointment today

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Are you ready to kick start your new life this year? Make 2017 your best year yet!!!
Cleopatra's Signature Mummy Wrap helps you lose 4-15 inches in one wrap. This is NOT a water loss wrap. There is no getting wrapped and then put on an exercise machine.  It is an inch loss wrap that detoxes the protein layer of the fat cell. You are measured in about 10 different areas, wrapped up with linens soaked in the Special mummy wrap solution. You then relax on a table or you can receive a facial at that time. After 45 minutes, you are unwrapped and remeasured to find out your excellent results. The good thing is you lose where you need to because that is where the toxins are. Along with walking or other exercise and eating a better diet of more raw fruits and vegetables you can maintain your new size. Call today to start your new life, get a brochure, get questions answered and make an appointment. 512-459-0667