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Annual Christmas Stop and Shop

12/19/2017 10:00am - 5:00pm

It's such a busy time of year. We can help, with gift ideas for everyone on your list, from salon specials to Jewelry and Gifts. We'll help you put smiles on everyone's faces. Starting December 12 10am-5-pm through December 23 10am-3pm. Refreshments start December 19. Purchase your Instant Gift Certificates anytime online for print or email.




Are you ready to kick start your new life this year? Make 2017 your best year yet!!!
Cleopatra's Signature Mummy Wrap helps you lose 4-15 inches in one wrap. This is NOT a water loss wrap. There is no getting wrapped and then put on an exercise machine.  It is an inch loss wrap that detoxes the protein layer of the fat cell. You are measured in about 10 different areas, wrapped up with linens soaked in the Special mummy wrap solution. You then relax on a table or you can receive a facial at that time. After 45 minutes, you are unwrapped and remeasured to find out your excellent results. The good thing is you lose where you need to because that is where the toxins are. Along with walking or other exercise and eating a better diet of more raw fruits and vegetables you can maintain your new size. Call today to start your new life, get a brochure, get questions answered and make an appointment. 512-459-0667